Compare Costco VHS to DVD to Walmart DVD


Comparing Costco and Walmart Video Tape Transfer Service


Looking to digitize your VHS tape library?  You are not alone. The VHS tape, otherwise known as the Video Home System was introduced to America in the year 1977. Millions of consumers captured family videos on their gigantic handheld camcorders to videotape family vacations, birthdays and other special family occasions. It was fairly easy to record your home movies (and test Dads videography skills) on VHS tapes or VHS C tapes and enjoy your family memories over and over again on that gigantic tube television in your living room.  


classic tube television


Then, poof!  Everyone in the family grew up and technology changed. We had the DVD, and the DVR and Mini DV tapes, Hi8 tapes, SD cards and Cloud storage and on and on. But as it turns out, a lot of us still have those old VHS tapes laying around and are wondering where the best place to transfer and relive your family memories is. 


Look no further. I am fairly confident we can help you make a good decision on where to find the best vhs to dvd transfer service.  We did a quick comparison of two of the most popular VHS tape transfer services online and compared them to Forever Studios VHS tape transfer service. Never heard of Forever Studios? Well, first you are on our website now, so nice to meet you. Secondly we have been digitizing home movies since 2007 for thousands of families. (more about that later) So lets see how we stack up against the "big boys"!


Which two video transfer services do you ask? Well, there are many VHS to DVD services online but a few of the more popular ones are Costco DVD and Walmart DVD. Both companies are known for their low cost consumer products, easy shopping experience and good service, but does the same hold true for their VHS transfer service? Lets take a closer look at the most important things to consider when transferring your VHS tapes;  price, speed and quality. 



Costco DVD

Walmart DVD

Forever Studios

Per tape

$19.99 (2 hour)

$15.96 (30 minutes)

$11.00 (any length)


4 weeks

4 weeks

2 weeks






Ok, ok. I know maybe this entire time you were thinking we are bias to Forever Studios video transfer service. Because after all, this is Forever Studios writing this. But Forever Studios didn't just arrive on the scene like a week ago. Lets see, we have been helping 1000s of consumers transfer their tapes to digital since 2007.  So we can proudly call ourselves “experts” in home movie video transfer. Besides who wouldn't want to spend less money, have better quality tape transfers and get them back faster?  Seems like a no brainer right?  We agree.


So what are you waiting for?  Get your old VHS tapes together and give us a call at 800-916-6076. We are super friendly and passionate about helping our customers.  If you are shy and would rather hide behind your computer and order online, thats cool.  We can send an easy 3-way home ship kit right to your door. Just click here and start your VHS tape transfer order

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