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About art

Uniquely inspired Forever Art.

About art
We designed Forever Art by taking inspiration from the world around us. Every personalized picture frame, memorial photo gift and customized plaque in our collection has a uniquely creative design, material set and personalization option to help you create a masterpiece.
Premium materials
Unique designs
Color corrected
Personalized frames

Your memories, our passion.

We are a dedicated team of photo archivists, senior photo editors & photo art creators passionate about helping you restore, print & display your treasured family pictures. Our team cares deeply about the quality of each and every photo you trust us with.
Our entire Forever Studios team is composed of masters in their field. We work together to provide you with the best quality digital photo restoration, museum quality photo prints and handcrafted picture frames.

Oxana Lead Artist
“I love the stories behind each of the photos we bring back to life for our customers. Knowing the memories relived and treasured in each photo is someone who is important to someone is gratifying. Seeing the end result is my favorite part! Sometimes I even amaze myself.”


Lead Artist

Everything you need to know about creating a family picture frame with Forever Studios.

We get asked a lot of questions about our legendary wall art collections, such as: "What are standard picture frame sizes?" “Do you have real wood picture frames?” “How do I order personalized wall decor?” The good news is that we can help you create the perfect picture frame design for any image. We hope you find an answer to your pi ture frame question below. However, if you still need help, our team of designers & artisans are dedicated to providing you the highest level of customer service. Visit our help center or call us directly at 800-916-6076.

Can I print photos off my cell phone?

What type of files can I use to print my picture frame with Forever Studios?

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What if my photo is damaged and I want you to fix it before printing?