Your memories are precious..

Aren’t they?

Your memories are precious.

Film Transfer Company

Choose a film transfer company who cares.

Convert your aging 8mm, super 8 and 16mm film to dvd or mp4 digital files starting at only $12.50 per film reel. With 18 years of experience, we are experts at providing high quality film transfers, a great experience and super fast home movie film processing.

CALL US:  561.235.7808

CALL US:  561.235.7808


We are 100% local

Your memories never leave our hands. Come visit us, or ask about our pickup service.


Quality is our passion


We’ve spent 15 years perfecting our quality. The results speak for themselves.

Nobody Transfers Faster


Two weeks guaranteed processing. Next business day rush transfers available.

First, select your package and quality.

After your film is cleaned, our technicians carefully transfer your home movies to digital via high resolution capture devices. All film transfers include a digital download link emailed to you. You also have the option of receiving your transferred film reels on a DVD, Blu-ray or Forever Safe USB flash drive.


25¢ per foot


Standard color
Standard audio (if applicable)
Standard resolution MP4 digital file
Standard DVD in Plastic case


35¢ per foot


Optimum color enhancement
Optimum audio amplification (if applicable)
High resolution MP4 digital file
Archival DVD in Metal case

Then, select your deliverable.


Download your digitized mp4 files via our cloud server.


Forever Safe USB Drives are $25 – $95 depending on the # of film reels you transfer.


If you select the Standard transfer and DVD, the disc comes in a plastic jewel case.


The Premium transfer and DVD includes an archive quality disc and metal case.

Add both digital and DVD: $10 cents additional per foot, Additional DVD copies: $10

3 Simple ways to order.

Stop by our
Boca Raton Studio

Directly hand us your tapes at our local studio and dont worry about shipping.

Order Your Tape
Transfer Online Now

Select your package and options, checkout online and mail us your media.

Print Order Form
and Send Tapes

Print out our simple order form, and ship your tapes to us in the mail.

TAKE 10% OFF NOW THROUGH 08/31/2018!


TAKE 10% OFF NOW THROUGH 08/31/2018!


Get a quick quote via email.

Frequently Asked Questions.

We can not bring back detail that is not there.

If your photo has very little detail, is blurry, or there are parts missing, it may not be possible for us to recreate certain elements, especially facial features, expressions and other elements that are missing from the original.  While we can improve any photo no matter the condition, here are some examples of originals that would show minimal improvement.

If you are unsure about your photo, please feel free to email us the photo at for a free evaluation.

What if part of my photo is missing,?

We do not reconstruct details of a photos, we only restore them. if for example a head is cut off or a limb not in the photo, we can not recreate it.

Can you process my order faster (rush it)?

Yes, 24 hour rush processing is available for an additional 100% (2x) cost.

How long does it take?

Restorations are guaranteed to be sent to you for approval within 3 days. Once approved we will immediately send you the digital file.  If you ordered a print, that will be mailed to you within 24 hours or available for pickup.

Can you colorize my photo?

Yes, we can. It is an additional $35 to add colorization.  Please understand that in all cases we have to guess what colors to use so the results vary, but quite often do not look as natural as the original would.  If you would still like us to colorize your photo, please request it and we will be happy to do it for you.

* What resolution should I scan my photo?

* For best results, please scan your photo with at least 300 dpi

For Photos 2×3 or smaller – Scan at 1200 dpi.

For Photos 2×3 – 5×7 in – Scan at 600 dpi.

For Photos larger than 5×7 – Scan at 300 dpi.

How do I scan my photo?

First, start off by wiping the glass of the scanner with a non-abrasive wipe and some Windex. Make sure the glass is completely dry before placing the picture down. Make sure the picture rests against one side of the scanner so that it remains straight. Preview the picture before scanning it. Save your photos as a .Jpeg or .JPG file without compression at 600 dpi. Scan all photos using the Color option even if they are B&W.

My photo already has some color. Will I have to pay the extra $35 to restore it in color?

No, you will not. Colorization would only apply to a photo that is black and white or grey scale.

What if I am not happy with the result?

If you are not happy for any reason we will revise your photo per your instructions.  We will do this until you are satisfied with the result.

How will i get my restored pictures?

If you just ordered the included digital image it will be emailed to your email address of record.  If you ordered prints, they will be mailed to you or held for pick up in our store.

Why trust your film transfer to Forever Studios?


Our professional technicians inspect and clean every film reel by hand.



Your film reels are transferred and organized in the same order you give them to us.


We use professional film capture equipment to ensure the highest quality.


We take pride in our work and back it with a 60 day no questions guarantee. If you are not happy we will fix it.


We process everything locally. Your memories never leave our hands.


We guarantee 2 weeks or less.  If you need it sooner we offer next day rush, 3 day rush or 5 day rush.

8 mm

super 8

16 mm

We already compared ourselves to the competition so you don't have too.

Call Us At 800.916.6076

We would love to talk with you by phone Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm. Eastern Time


We respond to all inquiries within a few hours all week long!  CLICK HERE to contact us now

Call Us At 800.916.6076

We would love to talk with you by phone Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm. Eastern Time


We respond to all inquiries within a few hours all week long!  CLICK HERE to contact us now