The History of Audio Recordings.


Home audio recoding technology has changed through the years.


Did you know the first physical audio media format began in 1860? Since than, there has been a wide range of recording formats. The most popular we know of include audio reels, cassettes, records, 8-track, and CDs.

Popping your favorite cassette into the player would always put you in a great mood. Playing that one record you love so much could always put a smile on your face. But when CDs came out, this format was slimmer and smaller and seemed to replace a lot of these designs all together. 

Some have been saying that the CDs days are numbered, meaning what could be next? You don’t want to lose all your precious audio recordings and not be able to listen to them any longer. This is why people are now turning to audio transfer services. USB or cloud downloads are newer technology to help preserve your audio for years to come. There are now enhanced audio transfers that allow technicians to better monitor and equalize the sound to get you the best quality transfer. This will help remove unwanted noise, pops, cracks and overall amplify your audio.

The pre-digital era is still alive with millions of people keeping their old audio formats. Old recordings from your past are priceless. Digitizing your audio could allow you to listen whenever and wherever you’d like.


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