Luxury Real Estate Video Marketing For Seaside Builders

luxury real estate video south florida

South Florida builders like Seaside rely on Forever Studios to market their residential real estate using high-end videography.

Seaside Builders in Delray Beach, Florida asked us to capture their work in a promotional video.  Their architecture, craftsmanship and residential environments are beautiful so our job was easy.

This video features their estate at 1275 North Ocean Boulevard in Gulf Stream, Florida.  Designed by architect Richard Jones, this 13,000 square foot estate is on 153 feet of ocean.

Our creative strategy with this video was to directly appeal to the viewer’s desire to live in the environments Seaside creates.  This might sound cliché but in a time when everyone can create a video, the viewer’s needs are often ignored in favor of “wow-ing” them with flashy filming and editing techniques.

In contrast, we want the viewer to fall in love with our client’s product, not us.  Rather than the viewer saying, “Wow, that’s a great video” our goal is for them to feel, “Wow, I want to live in that house.”

To discuss how we can create desire for your product, please call our studio at 561-235-7808.

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