Project the perfect image (in the background of) your business portrait.

Are you a financial planner in West Palm Beach?  A real estate agent in Ft. Lauderdale?  Forever Studios now offers pre-selected portrait backgrounds for all studio business head shots.

What’s in your background? Years of management experience? An Ivy League education? A top performance record?

Does the background of your business headshot reflect who you are?

The last time you updated your professional head shot, you probably thought about what to wear, your hair (or lack thereof), makeup and if you should smile or not. You probably didn’t think much about what would be behind you but when it comes to marketing, everything creates an impression.

Our studio now offers pre-selected backgrounds for all business portraits. Solid white, gray, black and blue are still standard choices while premium choices (available for $25/image) include cityscapes, residential interiors, exteriors, architectural, medical, legal and other professional themes. This is all in addition to an infinite number of possible colors, with your selections retouched and delivered in high-resolution within 24 hours (or even faster, if you need it).

Did your web designer request your background color to be HEX#01328E? (Don’t worry, it’s a really nice blue.) We can give you that exact color. Does your company website use a specific shade of gray? We can match it. Don’t have time to travel to a great location and hope for perfect weather? We have stock backgrounds from South Florida and around the world, all captured on the perfect day.

Here on LinkedIn, your portrait is what creates the first (and biggest) impression, even before people learn about your background. So, book online at Forever Studios and choose a portrait background that actually matches your professional background.