Product Photographer Makes Ecommerce Catalog Photography Economical For Under $5 Per Shot

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Ecommerce product photography can be very economical if captured at Forever Studios Boca Raton.

Ever since shopping catalogs moved online, companies have been able to directly track ecommerce sales to product photography. With statistical data to back this up, it’s no surprise that good photography sells more product than mediocre photography.

Here in South Florida, there are lots of entrepreneurial, web-based catalog companies selling everything from clothing, jewelry and artwork to cars, homes, yachts and other big ticket items.  A few years ago, these products required a salesperson to guide the buyer into the best solution.  Now, that salesperson is your photography or product video.

product catalog ecommerce photographer studio boca raton florida
Ecommerce product photography can be very economical if captured in the right studio.

Most of the product photos and videos are done by someone who wears multiple hats at the company and that’s great to get the business started.  And, you can explain all of your product benefits in brilliant text but ask yourself how much text you read online when buying a product?  It’s the visual image that gets your attention before anything else, right?

product catalog ecommerce photographer studio boca raton florida
Efficiently capturing images of all products is key to returning your marketing investment.

Our studio makes it really easy for small and medium-sized catalog companies to graduate from the do-it-yourself product shots to photography that really moves merchandise.  A recent clothing catalog photography shoot (sampled above) lasted three hours and produced about 180 unique high-resolution product photos.  That’s under $5 per shot!

We happen to be located in a comfortable retail space in East Boca Raton which makes it easy for product to get in and out efficiently (along with models, makeup and any other things your product needs to look its best).  An added bonus is coffee and pastries at the french bakery next door.

To discuss your product photography, give our studio at call at 561-235-7808.

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