Memorial Video Montages: Let Us Do Them For You

memorial videos in south florida

Everyone has lost someone, at some point.

There’s no real consolation for any significant loss. However, we’ve found that properly preserving the memory of a lost loved one is a way to get a tiny bit of relief during the very difficult time of planning a funeral service.

One recent customer came in with some old photos and wanted us to scan them in so she could make a slide show.  She had just lost her sister a week earlier and it was obvious this was a highly personal and difficult project she was taking on herself.nidia

We suggested she allow us to make a memorial video with her photos, a few scanned personal artifacts and two very personal pieces of music.  We arranged the slides in a custom order, going with the highs and lows of the music tracks.  We took each image as it’s own 8-10-second story, looking at it to determine which way we would pan, zoom or slowly rotate to get it to speak to us.  (After all, if a photo is taken 10, 30 or 60 years ago and you still have it, it must be super important to the overall story.)

Needless to say, our customer was very pleased with what we did. Why? Because she knew that for a few hundred dollars, she gave her sister a thought-provoking and high quality memorial. Prior to finding us, she didn’t even know this service was available. All love-lettershe knew is she did not want her sister’s story to be told by some automatic slide show software  that couldn’t possibly detect the most telling parts of an old photograph.

It’s not always a free software program that people use to make these memorials.  Sometimes it’s a family member who happens to have a penchant for making slide shows.  This is fine, of course. But planning and attending a funeral can be a daunting task on short notice, not to mention the stress of whether or not your slide show format is compatible with the funeral home’s A/V equipment.

Forever Studios produces 4-5 memorials per week and we know how to streamline our production for guaranteed compatibility and ease of use. As you can tell from our work, we don’t sacrifice quality, ever. We’ve also developed an easy way for moldlettersphotosultiple family members, friends or anyone else to contribute via a private web page.  So, if you have an old picture on your computer, a new video on your mobile device or want to record a message via video conference, we can do it all in a matter of hours while you worry about other things. One customer was traveling on business in China and contributed to his mother’s montage which we produced in our Boca Raton studio and shipped 40 DVDs to his large family in Tennessee. There are literally no boundaries to doing great work.

farrOne time, a family member was serving in the military overseas and couldn’t travel to Florida in time for his brother’s memorial service. Glick Family Funeral Home asked us to videotape the service and send a DVD the following week.  We can also offer  webcasting of funeral services via a private broadcast, live streaming to all devices.

To speak with us about your memorial slide show project, please call us at 561-235-7808.

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