JCPenney Portrait Studio Cancels Family Photography Session On Christmas Eve

jc penny photography

Family left hanging by JCPenney calls Forever Studios Boca Raton to save the day.

It was around 5:00pm on December 24th when we received a call from a man in his car saying, “JCP Portraits in Boynton Beach just cancelled our family photography session. I know it’s Christmas Eve but can you help us?”

First, we were surprised to hear this considering JCPenney does a huge volume of family, kids and newborn portraits. But apparently, JCP studio sessions are only 10 minutes long and scheduled back-to-back.  There’s only one photographer so if they get backed up, families with appointments later in the day might lose them, even if they arrive on time.

We did have an opening at 5:30pm so we responded, “If you can come now, we would be happy to capture your family portrait.”

“Thank you so much. We’re on our way,” he replied.

At Forever Studios, our portrait sessions are a comfortable 30 minutes and we always start on time with more than one photographer available, even on Christmas Eve.  We also capture 60-minute sessions on location.  We understand that with some families, it’s a rare occasion when everyone is together for a holiday and if those memories are not captured, they’re lost forever.

To schedule your family photography session, visit or call our studio at 561-235-7808.

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