Your imagination is beautiful. Introducing DreamPics.

south florida fantasy photography

DreamPic and DreamBooks are produced exclusively by Forever Studios Boca Raton. Each is a creative combination of studio photography and illustration.

DreamPics™ is an exciting new way to combine photography, illustration and your imagination to create beautiful works of art.  It’s affordable and fun to create one-of-a-kind DreamPics™ with your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. (Pets too!)

It all starts with an idea.

Have you ever dreamed you were an astronaut? A cowboy? How about a pilot, doctor or 100-foot giant?  The only limit is your imagination and our staff is ready to help you brainstorm.

dreambooks custom personalized storybooks for children
DreamBooks are custom personalized storybooks, starring your child. Each one is produced by Forever Studios Boca Raton.

Once you have an idea, find a great photo (or capture one using our guide) and upload it to our website.  If you’re in Florida, make an appointment at our studio and we’ll be happy to capture one for you.

Once our artists complete your one-of-a-kind DreamPics™ illustration, we will create a unique piece of art for your wall.  Or, if you’ve ordered a DreamBook™, we’ll include 11 unique illustrations to tell an original story starring a lucky girl, boy or your entire family.

DreamPics™ also makes a creative and fun gift which is sure to excite and inspire the recipient.  Gift certificates are available for when you want to give someone the experience to create something very special.

To start dreaming, visit our website!

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