Studio Launches Luxury Real Estate Video Marketing Package For $995.

luxury real estate video tours

Real estate videos produced by Boca Raton, Florida-based Forever Studios are watched for an average of 70% of their length, giving real estate agents more value and influence in generating leads.

Over the past decade, real estate videography has overtaken photography as high-end residential real estate marketing’s most powerful sales tool.  While photography is still a great way to show the general condition of a home, buyers don’t emotionally connect with photos the way they can with video.

Luxury resort companies like Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, Hyatt and others use video to give consumers the feeling of an experience on their property.  These companies monitor behind-the-scenes analytics to see exactly which videos are driving sales.  The luxury buyer is very accustomed to high quality, moving cinematic images and realtors can employ the same video techniques to their advantage.  Properties with poorly produced visuals will not appeal to the high-end buyer.

With its creative roots in luxury resort marketing, Boca Raton, Florida-based Forever Studios launched their Luxury Real Estate Video Marketing Package for $995.  The production package includes everything an agent would need to market a luxury listing.

  • Cinematic footage of eight interior areas with details
  • Aerial drone footage of exterior and neighborhood
  • Fully-edited HD video with legally licensed music
  • Branded version with agent contact information
  • Non-branded version for MLS and other brokers

The example above shows the quality of work real estate agents can expect from the new $995 Luxury Real Estate Video Marketing Package.  Call Forever Studios at 561-235-7808 or email for more information.

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