What Could Happen if You Don’t Digitize Old Media.


Transfer your old home movies, photos and slides to digital before its too late.

Memories are special moments that tell our story. Luckily, we may have some old photosvideotapesfilm and audio recordings that hold these precious moments in time. These memories are irreplaceable and even though you may have them organized and stored away in the safest part of your home, there are still more then enough reasons to convert them to digital. You always want to make sure you have that digital backup just incase you ever needed it.

You hate to think about tragedies that can strike a home but the best and only thing one can do is make sure you are prepared in case of an emergency. For example – a fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake or even an alien invasion are just simply all things that could happen out of nowhere with little to no warning (maybe aliens being the least likely out of the bunch)! Statistics show that there are more than 350,000 home fires a year, over 15 million U.S homes at risk of flooding and 0 recordings of alien invasions but after the year 2020, YOU NEVER KNOW!

Speaking of which, check out our video on protecting your memories from Alien Invasion here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQkku1gydQA&t=12s

Converting your old media to digital is the best answer to protect your memories from whatever life has in store. Having that digital backup can make you feel like you are taking all necessary precautions to protect what is beyond price. You simply can not put a price tag on your memories and this old media is some of the most valuable things you own! Special recordings of family and friends, images of your history and lost loved ones and all your most treasured moments are something you want to make sure you keep safe and secure for years to come.


Forever Studios specializes in keeping your memories safe. Photosslides, film reels, videotapes and audio recordings can all be transferred to digital to make it easy for you to save and share. Learn more at https://foreverstudios.com/media-digitizing-service/. Trust a local media transfer company who cares.

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