Old 8mm film, Super 8 film and 16mm Films should be transferred ASAP.


Home movie 8mm film reels and super 8 movie film reels can deteriorate over decades, even when properly stored.

Clients walk into our Boca Raton studio with all formats of film every day. Most reels transfer to DVD or digital files beautifully once our technicians adjust for exposure, color and frame rates.  There are a few home movies, however, that we regretfully turn away because the film reels are un-salvageable.

Super8, 16mm with sound and other home movie film formats are made from celluloid which can develop a vinegar-like smell as it ages.  If you’re located in hot and humid South Florida, the damage can be more severe.  If the film is stuck together or severely warped, we cannot digitize it.

Our studio strongly suggests bringing in your film for a free inspection as soon as possible. For more information, call 561-235-7808 or visit https://foreverstudios.com/transfer-8mm-film-to-digital-dvd/.  Dont forget about those old VHS tapes as well.

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