Considering Costco vcr transfer and Walmart vhs transfer through the mail?


Costco, Walgreens and other South Florida retailers ship your precious memories out of state while iMemories, Southtree and others require you to risk shipping to them.

When we greet a new customer at our Boca Raton studio, their first words are usually something like, “We were so relieved when we found out you were local." or, "We were worried to ship our vhs tapes to walmart tape transfer or costco dvd transfer service"

Thousands of VHS tapes, film reels, photographs, slides and other personal memories are mailed out of Florida by families who assume their local Walgreens and Costco are transferring their film to DVDs, CDs and other digital media. Little do they know that employee is packing up their memories in boxes and sending it out of state (sometimes out of the country) to mass processing facilities who then mail the boxes back to the local store. It’s a two-way risk and most often at an additional cost.


Our vhs transfer pricing is competitive, even when you don’t consider the extra cost and time of shipping both ways. It’s also comforting to walk into our Boca Raton studio and speak with a knowledgeable expert about the best options to fit your needs and budget.

To find out more, visit or call our studio at 561-235-7808.

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