LinkedIn Portrait Gets Extreme Makeover At Forever Studios In Boca Raton

If you’ve spent any time on LinkedIn, you’ve seen the gamut of business portraits:

• The bank manager who uploaded their cell phone shot from last week’s happy hour
• A doctor who looks like they’re still in the first year of medical school
• Your real estate agent with ex-spouse cut out but you can still see their arm around them

Or, the more likely scenario where they went to a “professional portrait studio” and paid a few hundred dollars for something that looks like it was taken in 1983.

The businesswoman above is an executive recruiter who makes an impression with each contact, long before there’s any contact. On the left is the portrait she’s been using for years and on the right is the one that took 5 minutes and $50 at our Boca Raton studio. Which of these women would make a better online impression? What does your LinkedIn portrait look like?

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