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The Video Autobiography

Most people never get around to writing their memoirs. They talk about it, their kids tell them they should do it and yet still, it’s so difficult to take that first step, knowing how much work is ahead. Writing, editing, research, old photos, documents and not to mention, jogging your memory. Allow us to suggest

Sears Portrait Studio Boca Raton Florida: R.I.P.

sears portrait studio
The portrait Sears offered was a staple of the "cheap and fast" photography world, especially here in Boca Raton, Florida where their Town Center Mall location has been located since the 1970s. But with the advent of digital photography, demand began to slide since every 10-year-old with an iPhone thought they could do better than

Barcelona-Based Energy Giant CYMI Contracts Forever Studios To Document 32-Mile, $50 Million Pipeline Construction Project

We’re usually hired to produce movie biographies of family patriarchs but we also know how to do industrial videography. That’s why the Spanish energy giant CYMI-DK asked us to document their massive gas pipeline construction taking place through the summer.