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What Could Happen if You Don’t Digitize Old Media

Memories are special moments that tell our story. Luckily, we may have some old photos, videotapes, film and audio recordings that hold these precious moments in time. These memories are irreplaceable and even though you may have them organized and stored away in the safest part of your home, there are still more then enough

Importance of Preserving Your Old Media

Time flies by and memories are made throughout the years. It is so special to have some of these precious moments captured on video or in photographs to treasure and share with loved ones. As the years pass, you might not look at that old photo album or videotape anymore. But think about all those

Why Photos Fade & Yellow Over Time

Have you recently noticed the old photograph you loved turned yellow and discolored over time? You may have thought that you were protecting it by storing it away inside. Maybe you even had it in a frame thinking that was helping preserve it. You would think that your frame would help with any of this

Behind The Scenes of Photo Restorations

Have you ever wondered how digital photo restorations are actually done? How can an old, faded photo filled with damages simply look brand new within a couple days? It’s not exactly magic, but close to it! When you come across that old photo that needs a little extra love, you may consider photo restoration services. Great


Our memories are our most precious treasures, so of course we all want to keep them safe. Whether you have old film, tapes or photos – these surely all contain sentimental value that is meant to be cherished.   So you decide to go digital with your media. That’s awesome! But when going digital, keep


Let’s turn that old photo into something new. Photo restoration services help you take old, damaged photos and bring them back to life! Coloring, cracks, rips, tears, water, mold, fire damage and fading can all be digitally repaired in an old photo. But what happens next? Digital Archive Keep it simple. Experienced restoration artists will