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The Benefits of Making Your Home Movies, Photos and 8mm Film Digital

It’s no surprise that the worlds latest obsession is technology. Between how much screen time we all spend collectively with work and leisure – there’s no denying the future lies in a techno-world. When thinking about a lot of aspects in our day to day life, we have been slowly converting everything to digital. What

Safeguarding your memories during a hurricane. Tips and assistance from Forever Studios.

As hurricane season is approaching, Forever Studios is here to help you with the irreplaceable items you have in your home – your memories. It shouldn’t always take a natural disaster to remind us whats important, but in all honesty – sometimes it is. Here at Forever Studios, our specialty is preserving and digitizing your

Corporate portrait consistency helps companies look professional.

business portrait headshots

We’re not sure if South Florida’s causal lifestyle makes companies appear less professional than their northern counterparts.  In many industries, jackets have been replaced by Polo shirts and dress shoes have become loafers. The same casualness has made it into how companies view their employee portraits. The following scenarios have lead to a drop in

Boca Raton film, photo, scanning and media transfer service helps local South Florida families avoid shipping their memories.

old map of florida
Costco, Walgreens and other South Florida retailers ship your precious memories out of state while iMemories, Southtree and others require you to risk shipping to them. When we greet a new customer at our Boca Raton studio, their first words are usually something like, "We were so relieved when we found out you were local." Thousands