Do old photos fade over time?


Why do your old photos fade over time?

As you’re going through old mementos, you come across your favorite photo. Except it looks a bit different than the last time you saw it. It has had quite a journey and has the markings to prove it. Rips and tears now run across it. Fading, discoloration and browning seem to take over parts of your photograph. Although it is still amazing to have that memory in hand, it would be incredible to have it restored. 


But what actually happened to your photo? This whole time you thought it was in safe keeping. There are so many factors that most people don't think about. From heat, humidity, water, household chemicals, to dust and even insects! Paper photographs are not always guaranteed to last. Some factors will damage the chemical composition of your photo leading to stains, colors to run, and damage the paper quality.


One of the most common issues on photo prints seems to be the browning. This is caused by a variety of fungal growth. As a result, blotching and yellow spotting will appear and gradually turn into brown spots. This is usually caused due to photos being stored in damp conditions. 


Luckily you have options in todays world. Photo restoration was introduced to help restore damaged photos to make them look brand new again. “We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.” Relive that moment with photo restoration services. You’ll be surprised all that could be improved in your damaged photo. Without a doubt, your newly restored photo will take you back to that moment with a big smile and a warm heart.


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to get started.We can restore almost any photograph and we take pride in delivering exceptional results that will guarantee put a smile on your face. 


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