Boca Raton film, photo, scanning and media transfer service helps local South Florida families avoid shipping their memories.

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Costco, Walgreens and other South Florida retailers ship your precious memories out of state while iMemories, Southtree and others require you to risk shipping to them. When we greet a new customer at our Boca Raton studio, their first words are usually something like, "We were so relieved when we found out you were local." Thousands

What to expect when you’re expecting a maternity photo shoot at Forever Studios

So you’re in South Florida and you’ve booked your maternity session at Forever Studios.  What happens next?  What do you wear?  Should you bring your significant other to the shoot?  What if you have other questions? Choose your themes. Forever Studios combines photography with digital illustrations to create surreal “fantasy art” pieces.  From an exotic

Old 8mm, Super8 and 16mm Films Should Be Transferred ASAP.

8mm film reel

In South Florida, home movie reels can deteriorate over decades, even when properly stored. Clients walk into our Boca Raton studio with all formats of film every day. Most reels transfer to DVD or digital files beautifully once our technicians adjust for exposure, color and frame rates.  There are a few home movies, however, that

Custom Personalized Storybooks Starring Your Child

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Boca Raton, Florida-based Forever Studios produces custom, personalized DreamBooks storybooks for children of all ages. What do you get for a child who is inundated with flashy, expensive electronic games? Custom children’s stories featuring the child as the main character gets screen-addicted kids to put down the electronic devices and get back to reading books.

Project the perfect image (in the background of) your business portrait.

Are you a financial planner in West Palm Beach?  A real estate agent in Ft. Lauderdale?  Forever Studios now offers pre-selected portrait backgrounds for all studio business head shots. What's in your background? Years of management experience? An Ivy League education? A top performance record? Does the background of your business headshot reflect who you