Fashion E-Commerce Video

We’ve been playing matchmaker with two really great things: video and ecommerce.  Today, I’ve come one step closer to making this arranged marriage a happy and healthy one.

We’ve now figured out how to sell  products directly within a video while it is playing.  So, if the video shows a hotel room, you can book a room.  If it’s a video about consumer products, just click the product and pay with a credit card.  The video can be tied in with any inventory in many types of businesses.  Bands can sell t-shirts and music downloads.

As a test, we quickly uploaded an existing video produced with model Kendra Holliday.  We shot it one afternoon in Delray Beach, Florida.  She just happened to be wearing a few items that might be desirable to the average resort-going woman.  Everything in the video can be purchased (in the test, we’re using “clickovers” to the product website but future videos will handle checkout within the same window).  Kendra’s wearing RayBans, a white crochet bikini and waterproof mascara from Blinc.

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