Why Your Photos Fade & Yellow Over Time.


Why do your photo albums fade and yellow over time?

Have you recently noticed the old photograph you loved turned yellow and discolored over time? You may have thought that you were protecting it by storing it away inside. Maybe you even had it in a frame thinking that was helping preserve it. You would think that your frame would help with any of this yellowing and discoloration. What you might have not known is that certain frames may actually cause yellowing. For example a wooden frame would cause more yellowing than a metal picture frame due to certain chemicals. 

Naturally occurring acidic materials will contribute to yellowing of an old photograph. Photos fade and discolor even if stored properly. One of the main culprits for yellowing are UV rays. Although, there are may toxins we don’t think about that can cause yellowing as well. Things such as smoke, dust and cleaning chemicals can all contribute to your photo degrading over time. 

The best way to keep photos from fading is to digitize them as soon as possible. Having a digital copy will always allow your photos to keep their original form. If one of your photos has succumbed to yellowing and fading then you have the option to restore that photo. Photo restoration can correct these issues and have your photo looking brand new again. 

Don’t let time take its toll on your special memories. If considering photo scanning, Forever Studios can help! Your photos can be digitized to preserve and made easily accessible to share with family and friends by visiting us at https://foreverstudios.com/photo-scanning-service/. If that one certain photo needs a little extra love, photo restoration is always a great option to help bring life back into your old photo! Have it looking brand new in just a few days by uploading it right to our website at https://foreverstudios.com/old-photo-restoration/ or mailing us your original photo. 

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