Slide Scanning Services In Boca Raton Florida.


Scan slides locally in South Florida at Forever Studios Boca Raton. High-resolution scanning can also remove minor dust and scratches at the same time.

Our Boca studio scans thousands of slides per week for as low as 25¢ per slide. Old Kodachrome, Ektachrome, Fujifilm, Agfa and other popular brands helped consumers capture millions of slides worth of images from the mid 1960s until the late 1970s when print film negative became the leader.

Most of the time, slides are stored in boxes, not in any particular order. This type of storage produces the most dust and scratches since the slides are exposed. Luckily, our high-resolution scanning technology fixes dust and scratches during the scanning process.

If slides have a color cast (usually magenta or yellow), we automatically fix that as the slide are scanned. Our Pro Scans include individual slide corrections as they are scanned at 4800dpi.

Universities, libraries, government agencies as well as families have trusted our photo, film and slide scanning services for the last 15 years. All scanning is done by our team at our studio, unlike Walgreens, Costco and other stores that will ship your slides out of state to a bulk processing facility.

Whether you have just a few slides or boxes of carousels sitting in storage, we can reduce that to a small CD or USB drive in just a few days. Call us at 561-235-7808 and speak to one of our slide scanning experts or visit us here.

Or learn more how you can easily scan your slides to digital in south florida here: or learn more about transferring your tapes here: transfer tapes in south florida. Besides digitzing your slides Forever Studios also can scan shoebox photos and photo albums.

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