The Forever Studios story and people behind it.


Forever Studios was founded by Zachary Goldberg who spent over 15 years in the legacy media transfer, archiving and sharing business. His vision is to help people bring to life in the most extraordinary ways their most precious memories with their family and loved ones.


Co-founder Corey Weiner has spent 21 years in corporate marketing. Working with  respected advertising agencies, graphic design firms as well as his own photography and film making business, he joined Zachary to offer consumers the same creative quality reserved for large corporations.


Amy Pearson grew up in the small town of Coventry, Connecticut where she developed a love for the simple things in life. After graduating from The Hallmark Institute of Photography she moved to Boston to pursue her career. Her love of people and photography have brought her to Forever Studios.


Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Maryna Goldberg followed  the American dream.  After earning a finance degree, Maryna held positions in marketing, advertising, sales and accounting with various South Florida companies.  She brought her skills to Forever Studios to manage operations.

Check out Brie Foley’s 60-second explanation of what we do:

Life’s precious moments with our family and loved ones are created each and every day.  Millions of digital photos and home videos capture our treasured moments. Over time individuals have also accumulated photo prints and slides, home movie videotapes and film, audio reels and cassettes, and countless other memorabilia.


Forever Studios provides a home for what is truly most important to us by helping a global audience of consumers digitize, preserve, access, and share their memories in one ubiquitous media platform.  Forever Studios also takes the next logical step in helping consumers celebrate their life’s stories by creating innovative high quality entertaining video biographies, documentaries, tribute and life celebration videos, montages, storybooks, photo books, and many other creative and entertaining productions.